You Won’t Believe What They Found in the Pillars of Levelled Building

Undoubtedly, the earthquake last night’s biggest news was how the 17-storey building – “Weiguan Jinlong” (維冠金龍住宅大樓) in Tainan was levelled. A ten-day old girl and her father passed away on route to the hospital after being found in the rubbles unconscious. More than 200 were pulled out alive from Weiguan Jinlong.

2016-02-06 17 Storey Building

Many people have questioned the integrity of this building and its construction company because it has been out of business. Rumours were spread about how this building was built with below-standards materials. Many people also been on site helping and supporting the rescue. To everyone’s disbelief, they found aluminum cans within the pillars of the building. Some say it’s a clear evidence that the integrity of the building was compromised, while others argue that the aluminum cans were used for exterior purposes and have nothing to do with structural integrity.

2016-02-06 Aluminum Cans in Building

Dubbed by the Taiwanese media, this “Tofu” building was clearly built illegally. Its construction company has been out of business after 4 years in 1989. In the 921 Earthquake more than 10 years ago, another tower built by the same construction company was deemed illegal and dangerous by government officials. It is still unclear if the company and its partners will be held responsible for this incident. What’s clear is that more than 200 residents will be without a home this Chinese New Year.

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