Wulai tourism needs your help

Wulai and its tourism industry has finally recovered from Typhoon Soudelor in August.

The Wulai Hot Spring Association Chairman – 張銘義 Chang Ming Yi says Tourism numbers in August to October this year were only equivalent to 20% of last year’s. If hot spring season doesn’t bring back tourists this year, businesses probably won’t be able to survive.

The devastating typhoon destroyed most of the roads leading into Wulai, as well as pipeline infrastructures. Wulai was described as an island despite being landlocked.

All damages since the typhoon has been restored and Wulai is slowly recovering from the disaster.

Chang pointed out roads and infrastructures have been restored and everything is safe and passed safety regulations. Visitors can visit Wulai for a nice hot spring vacation. Cherry blossom season is also approaching.

Chang also stated that he will use this opportunity to redefine the tourism industry in Wulai with locals and business owners. He promises he will bring a better Wulai for everyone to visit.

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