Woman delivers baby on flight to acquire American passport

A women gave birth to a baby girl on a flight from Taipei to Los Angeles.

While this sounds like a comforting story where both the mother and the baby were safe and well after, it was actually a poor judgement call by the mother.

According to the crew of the flight, the women already had abdominal pain before the flight took off. However, she insisted on boarding the flight.

During the flight, the women’s water broke but refused to get into labour. Instead, she kept asking the flight attendants if the plane is in American airspace yet. Fortunately, a doctor was onboard and agreed to help deliver the baby. The flight was then rerouted to Alaska for an emergency landing.

According the China Airlines, this women was already 36 weeks pregnant. By law, passengers who are 32 weeks pregnant are required to have medical applications signed by doctors before boarding. This women intentionally wore loose clothing and lied to the ground crew.

The women was deported last night from the States and have returned to Taiwan. The baby could not accompany her. Babies need to be 14 days or older to be able to board an airplane. She is being taken care of by her mother’s friends in Alaska.

And yes, the baby is an American.

33 years ago, a baby girl was also born inflight. Because of its rarity, China Airlines decided to award the baby free flights for her lifetime. Since then, China airlines have not given out a second free pass due to the risks involved.

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