What does a “WaiGuoRen” Professor think of his Taiwanese students?

What does a WaiGuoRen Professor think of his students?

We’ll let 韋佳德 Skanda, a professor in FJU, USC, NTUA tell you.

In a “Facebook rant”, Skanda talked about the “Taiwan’s tragic Post-Secondary Education”. Skanda has been teaching in 6 different universities for the past 6 years. He states that the biggest problem with Taiwanese students is their attitude. Most don’t even show up to class. And when they do, they sleep, eat or play with their iPhones. They rarely hand in homework, attend quizzes and even think it’s their right not to write the final exam.

Skanda raised questions on student’s assessments on professors. He thinks, “On the surface, it looks like school democracy, but the problem is that he doesn’t think every student should have the right to assess their professors, especially the ones that don’t even show up to class”.

He also criticized universities. Skanda believes universities have become a commercial entity, where students are their number 1 customer. And as the saying goes, “the customer is always right”, thus creating all kinds of problems in the Taiwanese education system.

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