Uber wins lawsuit, MOTC looking to appeal the case

The controversial transportation network company UBER was shut down earlier this year by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). Uber was obviously not happy with the shutdown and decided to meet with MOTC in court. Uber won the case today and announced that they will be bringing wheel chair accessible vehicles into the market, providing a barrier-free environment for its customers. MOTC stresses that this service should not rationalize Uber’s illegal behaviour and states that they will definitely appeal the case.

Uber entered the Taiwanese market 2 years ago. Since then, it has accumulated 258 violation tickets. Its drivers has also received 266 tickets. Uber owes roughly 40 Million NTD in fines.

The reason the court favoured Uber was because violation time and location were unclear. The shutdown was also outside of MOTC regulation’s jurisdiction.

MOTC used Taiwan Taxi Company as an example, stating that the company is registered legally and obeys regulations. The MOTC also states that it does not restrict any “foreign” investments in the transportation industry as long as investors obey regulations, registers, pays taxes and are held accountable when accidents happen. As a result, the MOTC cannot understand why Uber refuses to register as a transportation company.

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