The Real Issue of the MRT Racist Incident

In the end of the MRT Racist Incident, Christopher stressed that the racist comments were not the main issue and reason for the video, but it was how the police reacted that bothered him most.

Christopher went to the police precinct the day after the incident for a written report. However, it had been 3 weeks since the incident, Christopher claims that the police are still pushing the case back and forth between each other, trying to workout whose responsibility it is for this case.

When Shilin Police Department finally took responsibility, they called Christopher for the footage again. To make matters worse, MRT police was not aware of the fact that security camera footages from MRT trailers are deleted every 7 days. This MRT footage was crucial for this incident because it reveals who initiated the incident.

The way the police treated this case showed lack of initiative and inability to communicate between different branches. Those who encounter problems on MRT should be reminded that MRT Security Camera footages overrides in 7 days.

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