Taiwanese Police Vehicle Found in Iraq

The Iraqi government recently reclaimed Ramada City back from the Islamic State.

After long battles between the Iraqi army and the Islamic State, with the assistance of the American military, the Iraqi government reclaimed Ramadi. Order has slowly been restored since reclaiming the city and a police force has been deployed on site. A picture (below) was taken in Ramadi by the Associated Press. Those who are not Taiwanese may not find this picture intriguing. However, if you look closely at the vehicle, you’ll see 「彰化縣警察局巡邏機車」(Changhua County Police Station Patrol Vehicle)on it.

According to the Changhua Police Department, there were 358 retired patrol vehicles that was auctioned in 2014. The buyer then exported the vehicles as scrap. The Iraqi government must’ve remodelled the vehicles and utilised it as its own patrol vehicle. The Changhua Police Department emphasised that the vehicles were not stolen and will consider removing the police department’s logo before auctioning off future retiring vehicles.

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