Taiwanese Man Tries To Impress Model Girlfriend, Crashes Lambo(Rental)

If you were in the Sanchong area in New Taipei City last night, you would’ve seen a yellow Lamborghini trashed in the middle of Zhongshan bridge. According to the police, the driver surnamed Ding丁 rented the yellow supercar last week in an attempt to impress his 18-year girlfriend.

His girlfriend, reportedly a model, has been posting pictures featuring the super and the couple on social media.

After the crash, Ding told the police that the driver was actually not him but his girlfriend. After investigating, the police confirmed that the driver was in fact Ding and revealed that the supercar was a rental. Ding rented the Lamborghini last week at a rate of NTD 50,000/day. Ding was also driving under the influence.

Ding’s girlfriend was not happy with Ding’s irresponsible actions and immediately deleted all their photos from social media. She also told the police that she and Ding were not a “couple”.

According to Apple Daily, in addition to renting the supercar, Ding also claims that he runs an international trade company in China. However, his friends told the media that Ding was only working in a local milk tea shop in Taiwan. His father also told the media that his son has left home for years and do not know he has been up to.

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