Taiwanese focused on the Jones Cup

The 37th William Jones Cup, a top-level international basketball tournament of FIBA Asia has already started in Taipei. Not many foreigners know about it but the Taiwanese fans are going crazy right now.

8 nations are competing including the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, with Russia & Iran undefeated as of Aug 31st, 2015. Taiwan has two teams competing in this tournament. Notable NBA players include Andray Blatche and Hamed E. Haddadi.

Two Taiwanese players you should all get to know are:

林志傑 Lin Chih-chieh
2015-08-31 Lin Chih-chieh

currently plays for the ZheJiang Lions. MVP of the Super Basketball League (SBL), nicknamed the beast, Lin is one of the most popular players in Taiwan.

Quincy Davis
2015-08-31 Quincy Davis

American-born Taiwanese, Quincy gave up US citizenship to naturalize in Taiwan in 2013 to be eligible to play for the Chinese Taipei National Team.

You can catch any of the games live on these cable channels:

2015-08-31 Jones cup TV channels

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