Taiwan Responds to ISIL Threat; TPE Airport Introduces Sniffing Device for Bombs

Taiwan, usually represented as Chinese Taipei in international events, was finally recognized as an independent country. However, the Taiwanese people were not happy about it. Taiwanese locals have been furious about ISIS recognizing it as a country and listing Taiwan as an enemy in the terrorist group’s latest propaganda video. The Taiwanese Government has made a statement emphasizing that Taiwan will not be involved in military activity but will provide any necessary humanitarian aid.
2015-11-26 Military Security

To prevent any possibility of terrorist attacks, TPE Airport has heightened its security. The Aviation Police Bureau has introduced a new generation of portable explosive sniffer/puffer(video below). The sniffer detects extremely small “traces” of compounds. The exact sensitivities of these machines is not available for the public, but a mass spectrometer detects compounds on a molecular level and would only be limited by the efficiency of the collection from the air puffed to obtain a sample for analysis. The machines also have a low false alarm rate that can be less than 1%. The machines are intended as a secondary screening device, used as a complement to, rather than a substitute for, traditional X-ray machines. 640x360

TPE Airport has also increased security personnel as well as routine checks in terminals and cabins. TPE Airport suggests travellers to arrive 30 minutes earlier than the usual check-in time and cooperate during security checks. Airport officials also reminded travellers not to leave belongings behind so it’s not mistaken as an explosive.

The National Immigration Agency has also intensified its screening process and and has created a watch list of 52 terrorists wanted by the international community. In addition, the Taipei Railway and the Highspeed Railway has also fortified its security and are prepared for any attack.

Portable Sniffer/Puffer in Action:

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