Taiwan joins list of ISIS Enemies, Strong Message sent in ISIS’s ‘No Respite’ Video

Bring it on, all of you, your numbers only increases us in faith and we’re counting your banners

In a latest video (below) “No Respite” released by the Islamic State, Taiwan has been listed as one of the “banners” under “The Global Coalition Against the Islamic State”. This video was released on November 24 in multiple languages. In the English version of the 4 minute video, ISIS taunts and mocks the United States’ military tactics. Different versions of the video in other languages had similar content, including French, Turkish and Russian.

Taiwan, usually not mentioned in International events or settings was called out by President Obama in a press conference in Malaysia on November 22nd:


Over the years, our friends here in Asia have been victims of terrorism, and many of them are close counterterrorism partners with us. So my time here has also been an opportunity to work with many of our partners in the Asia Pacific that are members of our coalition against ISIL — Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

Some Taiwanese locals were furious at President Obama. They felt uncomfortable at the fact that Taiwan is not allowed to join the UN but needs to be mentioned in “The Global Coalition Against the Islamic State”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) states that Taiwan will only provide humanitarian aid and assistance, will not engage in any combat against ISIS.

The video is titled “No Respite” and gets its name from Quran verse 71:

And recite to them the news of Noah, when he said to his people, “O my people, if my residence and my reminding of the signs of Allah has become burdensome upon you – then I have relied upon Allah . So resolve upon your plan and [call upon] your associates. Then let not your plan be obscure to you. Then carry it out upon me and do not give me respite.

Taiwan responds to ISIL threat.

‘No Respite’ Video:

No Respite – ISIS propaganda from Logan Hartanian on Vimeo.

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