Unappealing Taiwanese Street Food That is Guaranteed to Give Mouthgasms

1. Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐 (Chou Dou Fu)


We all know it, but not all of us have tried. Stinky Tofu is one of the signature dishes in Taiwan. Some grow to love it. Some hate it before they even try.

There are 3 types of stinky tofu: Spicy hot pot stinky tofu soup, Soft stinky tofu and Deep Fried stinky tofu. If you’re not up for spicy, we definitely recommend deep fried stinky tofu with a cold can of Taiwan Beer.

2. Deep Fried Chicken 香雞排 (Xiang Ji Pai)

No, it’s not your typical KFC original recipe chicken. Usually marinated with a special sauce, covered with yam powder then thrown into the oil, Xiang Ji Pai will leave you wanting for more after your first bite.

Make sure you ask the lady to cut it up into pieces so that you don’t have to lick your fingers afterwards.

3. Braised Snacks 滷味 (Lu Wei)



This one deserves 2 pictures because it comes with two styles. The dried style and the boiled style. Both are worth trying multiple times. We say multiple because there are just way too many combinations and permutations to eating everything in Lu Wei.

For beginners, we suggest grabbing the meatballs 貢丸(Gong Wan), dried tofu 豆干(Dou Gan), bean curd sheet 豆皮(Dou Pi) and chicken wings雞翅膀(Ji Ci Bang). Oh grab a pack of noodles 王子麵(Wang Zi Mian) and tell the boss no spicy!

If you’re eager to try something out of the ordinary, grab the beginners selection and add chicken buttocks 雞屁股(Ji Pi Gu), chicken heart 雞心 (Ji Xin), chicken feet 雞爪 (Ji Zhua) to your basket. You’ll thank us later.

4. Pork Blood Cake 豬血糕 (Zhu Xie Gao)


Probably the most unappealing item on the list, Zhu Xie Gao is made with pork blood, sticky rice and soy broth. It can be fried or steamed and then coated in peanut flour. It’s so infamous that the USA had banned the sale of pig blood cake. This island is one of the last places you will ever get to try this delicacy. What are you waiting for?

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