Smoking banned within Xinyi shopping district

Smoking banned within Xinyi shopping district

Smokers will no longer be allowed to smoke within the twenty streets of Xinyi shopping district. Violators will be fined 2,000 NTD to 10,000 NTD making this the first non-smoking shopping district in Taiwan.

The non smoking areas include regions starting from SongGao Road, SongZhi Road to SongShou road. The major region is surrounded around the “ShinKong Mistukosh Xinyi Plaza”, including the SongShou square, first floor arcades of Mistukoshi A8,A9 and A11, entrances of Breeze and Le Meridien hotel.

According to surveys, most people were happy about the regulation. However, some smokers felt neglected by the government.

After Mr. Wen-Tse Kuo has taken the municipal office, he had been pushing smoking policies. He demanded the department of health to elaborate a full scale plan on “smoking free shopping districts”. According to statistics, there are more than 900 areas in Taipei that are entitled a non smoking area. These places include SongShan cultural park, JiangGuo flower market, Ningxia nightmarket and other popular tourist sites.

To enhance the smoke-free environment, the Taipei health department decided to work with the Environmental Protection Bureau to establish the Xinyi shopping district as a non smoking zone. The regulation will be implemented starting from October at the earliest.

Smoking banned within Xinyi shopping district

In consideration of the smokers, three smoking areas will be established within the obscure areas of the district.

Mr. Chi-An Chen, the director of the association of smoking rights states: “Non smoking policies should be determined by the shop owners instead of the government due to the consideration of different scenarios. For instance, the scent of cigarettes might concern apparel shop owners but not for open air cafes.”

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