President Ma Ying-jeou to meet President Xi Jinping

President Ma Ying-jeou will be meeting President Xi Jinping in Singapore on Saturday. Mister Ma Ying-jeou will meet Mister Xi Jinping on Nov 7th in Singapore. President Ma states that he will be referring President Xi Jinping as Mr. Xi as opposed to President Xi.

Both Ma and Xi will not sign agreements or issue a joint statement and will hold separate press conferences after the meeting. President Ma said he will be stressing the existence of Republic of China in the meeting.

This will be the first meeting between the two head of states in decades. The purpose of the meeting and the subjects to be discussed have yet to be confirmed. The Presidential Office added that the meeting is meant to solidify cross-strait peace and maintain the status quo.

The meeting will occur less than two months prior to the Jan. 16 presidential and legislative elections in Taiwan.

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