Lion Travel introduces the “Pokemon Go tour bus”

Explore the gyms and Pokémon habitats!

In reaction to the current Pokémon Go hype, starting from Aug. 10th to Aug. 17th Lion travel introduces the “Pokemon Go tour bus”. The tour bus features a traveling route of several Poke gyms . In addition, WIFI hotspot and USB charging devices are also available on the bus ride. Tour guides will be replaced as Pokemon Go experts who will guide you through game-play and even demonstrate how to challenge Pokemon gyms.


Lion travel states the Pokémon Go tour bus is capable of carrying up to 40 players in a single tour. Each tour lasts for 4 hours and costs 99 NT. dollars for each participants. Experts that are in charge of guiding the tours are all master players who possesses Pokemons that exceeds the 1000 combat points rating mark. Moreover, the tour bus is going to stop at several supplement stations allowing the players to replenish their items and catch their desirable Pokemons. The Pokemon tour bus will be available starting from Aug. 10th, 19:00 pm ~ 23:00 pm Monday to Friday. Only 10 buses are available for each day. Also, there will be three different traveling routes available to meet the customer’s preferences.



Route specifics

route A》台北車站-二二八紀念公園-青年公園-大安森林公園-101信義區-台北車站

Taipei main station – 228 memorial park – Youth park – Da An forest park – Xinyi 101 district – Taipei main station
route B》台北車站-中正紀念堂-中和八二三公園-板橋車站-新莊運動公園-台北車站

Taipei main station – CKS memorial hall – Chung He 823 memorial park – Ban Ciao station – Xin Zhuang sports park – Taipei main station
route C》台北車站-圓山花博公園-北投公園-淡水老街-台北車站

Taipei main station – Yuan Shan expo park – Bei Tou park – Tam Sui old street – Taipei main station

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