Pokemon Go Stampede in Beitou District in Taiwan

A Pokemon Go Stampede happened in Beitou Distrcit in Taiwan as players went on a craze to catch rare Pokemons. Videos and pictures immediately went viral on social media as netizens comment about how something has finally brought the Taiwanese people together. Some netizens also described the event as zombie acoplaspe.

Taiwanese media reported to as much as “thousands” were on the streets of Beitou to catch Snorlax, Dratini and other rare Pokemons. Local police have also responded well to the stampede. Several officers were out directing traffic and making sure people were safe in the craze.

Amazed at the picture of the stampede? Check out the videos below:

Here’s a video of the scene:

Here’s a spoof:

This phenomenon was also reported on Time and first seen on Facebook. You should also see what happened in Taiwan in the first week of Pokemon Go as well as how a tour was started because of Pokemon Go.

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