Everything that Affected Taiwan Since the Release of Pokemon Go

201 counts of violation tickets tallied in Taiwan since the release of Pokemon GO
Since the hype of Pokemon Go phenomenon has started , over 201 traffic violations was handed out throughout Taiwan. On August 7th in New Taipei city, a scooter rider was caught playing Pokemon Go on the road. According to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Transportation, there are a total of 99 traffic violation records in Taipei city since the release of the mobile application. This number leads all cities in Taiwan. Even a bus driver got busted on tape while he enjoyed the game on duty.


Pokemon GO Players steps into the haunted house of Ming-Hsiung
Since the release of the world wide phenomenon Pokemon GO, people have been encouraged outdoors in search of their pocket monsters. Despite it being the seventh lunar month of Taiwan, or traditionally known as ‘Ghost Month’, some Taiwanese players decided to explore the infamous haunted house located in Ming-hsiung, Jiayi county expecting to encounter rare Pokemons. However, their hopes and dreams soon faded as they only discovered Pokemons like Caterpie(a insect Pokemon). In addition, the haunted house is also set up as a Pokegym and requires players to be at least level 5 to enter.

Pokemon Nowhere to be found
Netizens on online forums have also been complaining that some rural areas in Taiwan don’t even have Pokemons. There are players who live in Kinmen County, Yilan County and Nantou County are very disappointed that the developers of Pokemon GO have seem to forgotten about them as there are almost zero virtual facilities set up in the game.

Pokemon Go Developers have forgotten about Kinmen
No virtual facilities or Pokemon spawned on the island of Kinmen

Funeral service firm introduces a “13% off discount program” to victims who dies from playing Pokemon GO
While no fatalities have been reported because of Pokemon GO, you can see the potential of Pokemon GO gone wrong with countless people lowering their heads on the street attempting to catch their Dratini and Pikachu. Several social issues has occurred ever since. Several traffic accidents has happened throughout Taiwan because drivers distracted by the game while driving. Even some players have been arrested for entering restricted military zones.

A funeral service firm recently introduces a special offer labeling “13% off to victims who dies to playing the game”. Regardless of actual effectiveness of the advertisement, it is definitely something that has caught the eyes of pedestrians as the slogan flashes on the firm’s LED billboard.

Check out how the internet thought there were Pokemon Go zombies in Da-an Park.

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