More Fun with Pokemon GO in Taipei Zoo

Pokemon Go in Taipei Zoo just got more fun!

While most museums and some parks are understandably banning Pokemon Go, the Taipei Zoo has taken a different approach to embrace the mobile app phenomenon. Taipei Zoo has released a guideline for all trainers to enjoy Pokemon Go in the zoo. The guideline shows that the Taipei Zoo has great social awareness and humour. Undoubtedly, kids will have more fun with Pokemon GO in Taipei Zoo.

The guideline states:

Congratulations on embarking on your Pokemon journey. Welcome to the Taipei Zoo, where you will find a world filled with trainers from all around the world with the same goal: to catch’em all. there is an abundance of Pokestops here at the zoo for trainers’ convenience. However, please keep in mind the below guidelines for your safety.

  1. As a Pokemon trainer, you must first learn to walk with your phone in hand, ears wide opened and eyes focused…on the road. If you fall, you might be that one person who’s on the news because they tripped playing Pokemon.
  2. Don’t forget that real animals actually live in the zoo enclosures with Pokemon, and these animals have their own zookeepers. Our zookeepers have the ability to capture you too, so please don’t cross into animal perimeter.
  3. The zoo tram is the ideal place to incubate your eggs, but please keep all hands,feet and phones inside the tram at all times. Yes, we mean both you and your Pokemon! Do not jump off the tram at any time; the hospital is not the greatest place to catch’em all.
  4. The least amount of trainers that own a single Pokemon determines the rarity of the Pokemon. Remain as calm and DL as possible or you might gain enemies. Avoid disturbing non-trainers wanting to spend some quality time with the zoo animals.
  5. Please keep out of all restricted areas, as Taipei Zoo workers are busy behind-the-scenes monitoring the statuses of the gyms, caring for animals. Do not disturb them!
  6. The zoo closes at 5:00 pm. please keep that in mind. Even if after closing, there might be a chance for you to hoard all the pokestops and even conquer a gym, but there’s no competition. Don’t be too boring with your life!
  7. The summer in Taiwan is extremely hot and catching Pokemon under the burning sun can be exhausting. Remember to drink lots of water and stay in the shade to avoid becoming a victim of heat stroke. Taipei Zoo welcomes you to a cooler opportunity to catch Pokemons at night on August 13 until 9PM.
  8. Don’t take the easy route out; restrain yourself from asking zoo workers where to catch what Pokemon. During work hours, zoo workers are restricted from playing Pokemon.

We’re not sure about you guys, but we’re definitely going to play Pokemon Go in Taipei Zoo. Taipei Zoo will open late from August 13th to August 20th. We hope you Catch’em All!

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