Must Know in TW: Your Receipt is Your Chance to Get Rich

Do you always throw your receipts away? If so, you might’ve thrown away 10 Million New Taiwanese Dollars.

Have you ever wondered what those serial numbers on your receipts are for? 2015-11-25 Receipts Lottery
These serial numbers are basically your lottery numbers. Every 2 months, the Taiwanese Government will release a 6 sets of 8-digit numbers. $10 Million New Taiwanese Dollars will be awarded to the receipts matching the 8-digit number. Subsequent prizes valued at NT$40,000, NT$10,000, NT$4,000, NT$1000, NT$200 are awarded to receipt holders who match the final 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3 digits, respectively on their invoices.

This Lottery concept was first established in 1951 to encourage residents to obtain receipts from businesses. It helped boost tax revenues for the government.

The Ministry started an e-invoice initiative in 2006 with the intention of facilitating e-commerce and reducing the number of receipts that need to be physically printed (currently about 11.5 billion every year). Lee Sush-der of the Ministry of Finance indicated that if 8 billion paper receipts could be replaced with e-invoices, 80,000 trees could be saved.

Your Easy Card is more valuable than you think.

Emergency Number in Taiwan is NOT 9-1-1.

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