Man loses 50 Million Lottery 10 years ago, wins 1.9 Billion in 2015

The chance of this story happening was 1 in 72,800,000,000,000.

It was almost impossible until June, 2015.

A man in his mid 40s won the Taiwan Lottery’s grand prize of 1.9 Billion NTD. This lucky guy bought his lottery ticket around the time of the Dragon Boat Festival in June and completely forgot about it.

One weekend in August, he was very bored and just decided to check if he had won. That’s when he realized that he has skipped multiple tax brackets and became a billionaire.

This man was also lucky in a sense that his lottery ticket would’ve been expired in 28 days, a experience that he is very familiar with. Just a decade ago, he won 50 Million NTD but was unable to cash in because he completely forgot about it. His 50 Million was then forfeited.

He was also very generous with his winnings. He donated 14 Million and gave the lottery retailer 660,000 NTD in an red envelope.

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