President Ma climbs Jade Mountain (Yushan)

President Ma has recently conquered Jade Mountain (Yushan) in a day with the assistance of transportation at some point during the process. Experienced climbers suggest that people must take their endurance and preparation in consideration if they plan to conquer the top within a day.

Yushan, also known as Jade Mountain is the highest peak within North-Eastern Asia. Conquering the peak of Yushan has also been known as a worthy bucket list option for Taiwanese natives. The standard procedure for making way to the top is to start from the entrance way, climb for approximately nine kilometers until reaching “Paiyun Villa” where most people would spend the night and finish the last 2.4 kilometres before sunrise.

The Paiyun Villa is especially popular amongst hikers. Because it only has 92 beds available, visitors have to apply for the slim chance of a lottery draw to be awarded the spot. The record for the number of applicants was once more than 5000 applicants competing over 92 beds. Due to the limited availability of accommodation, a lot of climbers choose to finish the hike within a day. President Ma’s visit has recently drew attention to this issue once again.

President Ma Climbs Jade Mountain
President Ma Climbs Yushan

The Deputy director of Yushan national park Mr. Lin Wen He states:

“In order to Maintain fairness, the application for PaiYun villa is hosted online in our official website. the lottery-drawing results will be announced a month prior to the scheduled visit. The process is insured to be transparent and just. However, in consideration of the benefits of international visitors, we provide 24 quotas every Monday to Thursday for foreign climbers.”

Mr. Lin Wen He adds: “For climbers that plan to complete a single day round trip, application forms must be submitted to the office along with evidences that indicates your capability of challenging a 3000 level peak. Moreover, photocopies of insurance related documents are also required. We only allow up to 50 climbers each day for single day round trips.”

The Tataka entrance way has an altitude of 2,600 meters, where the peak of Mountain Jade has an altitude of 3,952 meters. It takes around 21.8 kilometres back and forth, to climb more than 1000 meters within 5-6 hours is definitely a physical and mental challenge. Therefore, challengers must take several factors in consideration.

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