Taiwanese Government looks to Amend Legislations in reaction to Uber Violations


Government looks to amend legislation in reaction to Uber violations

During Aug. 4th two weeks ago the Cabinet announced that the popular taxi-hailing app Uber is currently violating the Taiwanese law, according to an official, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications are seeking to fix the law in order to establish a fair and competitive taxi market environment.

This also means that Uber will not be able to legally operate within the country until next year at the earliest.

Moreover, this particular official further stated the ministry will be holding a meeting on legislation adaptation this week and is looking forward to complete the law amendment by the end of this year. The government is also going execute a comprehensive review and evaluate related policies. 

The Ministry of Finance will be imposing a business tax on cross-border e-commerce operators starting next year in reaction to the ongoing crisis of allowing foreign e-commerce providers to dodge taxes in Taiwan.

The ministry announced they would invite representatives of foreign e-commerce operators — such as taxi-hailing provider Uber Technologies; online hotel booking sites Agoda.com and Booking.com to a meeting on Thursday next week to discuss the tax.

The ministry will also ask experts from the academic sectors to map out a policy for new tax schemes, hoping to implement the changes by next year at the earliest.

Minister looks to convene meeting

Finally, the Minister of Transportation and Communications Hochen Tan  (賀陳旦 added, “The government will continue to fine Uber and its drivers. However, legal taxi operators should also offer quality services, enhancing their corporate image. They should work with us and discuss with us on any arrangements that would reinforce their competitiveness.

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