Gelato from Taiwan melts hearts in Florence

It was a great weekend for Taiwan to be represented at the Gelato Festival European Finals in Florence previous weekend. Gelato Festival is the most popular gelato competition in Europe that takes place in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Holland and invites gelato makers from whole Europe to join.

Ciao Bono Gelato from Kaohsiung was the only Asian company to make it to the European Finals of the Gelato Festival in Florence after winning the first place in Rome. Italian capital is considered to be the centre of Italian Gelato making and the competition to become the champion in Rome was very strong. To win, Ciao Bono Gelato had to beat 3 Gelato Ambassadors in making the most appealing gelato in terms of flavour, texture, temperature and presentation. There are only 7 gelato ambassadors in the whole Italy who travel all around the world promoting traditional handmade Italian gelato.

The flavour presented in Rome & Florence finals was called the Romance of Asia. It consists of the Taiwan black sesame base variegated with Ciao Bono’s own Matcha tea chocolate and praline
hazelnuts. Customers and technical jury really enjoyed this unique gelato and showed a lot of interest in Taiwan, its people and its cuisine.

It is inspiring to see Taiwan making its way to become a respected place for Italian gelato and other food products. Professionalism and commitment of Taiwan gelato makers can be motivating for other food professionals to compete and succeed in the international stage to make Taiwan well known around the world.

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