Da-an Park Taken Over By Pokemon Go ‘Zombies’

After everything that has happened since the release of Pokemon Go in Taiwan, the phenomenon has taken on a new high. In most cities, the major parks will be utilize has a Pokemon Go hub as the developers set up a lot more Pokestops and rare Pokemons in the area. Da-an Park is no exception from the trend as trainers swarmed the park.

From what is to believed as a way for trainers to stop other players to entering the same area they are in, they posted in local Taiwanese forums that the park has been flooded by Pokemon trainers. The post included this photo:

Pokemon Go Players Invade Da-an Park
Pokemon Go Takes Over Da-an Park

After confirmation, the picture has been deemed a fake and identified as a park in Hong Kong. Whether the park is Da-an or not, what’s for sure is that the mobile App has taken the world by storm.

This story was first reported by Liberty Times Net, a major newspaper in Taiwan.

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