ChouDouFu 臭豆腐, or affectionately known as Stinky Tofu, is a traditional and signature dish in Taiwan. Stinky Tofu is also notoriously known for its strong odour. It can be found in almost any night market or roadside stand in Taiwan.

Much like the fermented Tofu, we want to bring its strong and controversial smell to everyone interested in Taiwan. Tofu Daily was created specifically to deliver news content and travel tips for residents and travellers of Taiwan. So please, like, share and spread the words of Tofu Daily.

In addition to our news and travel content, we also offer a CONCIERGE service where we will help you with anything that you need during, before and after your stay in Taiwan. We help out with things like finding accommodation, booking a tour, planning day trips, arranging airport pick up or any other service you need to get done. We will make it happen. More info here.

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