2016 may be the last year you see Taipei 101 Fireworks

Taipei 101’s Annual New Year’s fireworks display in 2016 will be the longest in the skyscraper’s history and might also be the last.

The Taipei 101 company has been discussing the idea of replacing the fireworks with light-emitting diode displays in the future because of difficulties finding sponsors and growing concerns on the environmental impact.

This year’s (2016) fireworks display is estimated to cost NT$45 million (US$1.4 million). 30,000 rounds will be fired within 238 seconds, or roughly 4 minutes. The theme is set to be “Nature is Future”. The audience should expect to see flashes of fish and flowers. The purpose of this theme is to raise awareness of environmental protection.

Taipei 101 also tried to work with buildings in the Xinyi area to stage the fireworks display, but executives of these buildings were worried about safety and crowd evacuation plans.

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